Poor sleep and Cognitive Impairment are Connected

Sleep Disorder

The importance of getting a good eight hours sleep cannot be summoned up in words. Shuteye has a calming effect on your body and mind and that is why when you wake up, you stay fresh all day long. However, this is not the case with everyone, some people cannot sleep properly during the night time and wake up feeling tired and keep feeling the same throughout the day. Not just tiredness but lack of sleep can give affect your cognitive ability too. Sleeping too much or too little, excessive daytime sleepiness due to sleep issues and abnormal breathing pattern during sleep aka obstructive sleep apnea all are connected with cognitive issues in people. Modafinil is the answer to treat daytime sleepiness thus aiding in the treatment of the sleep issue.

During the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference and at a press briefing, certain studies were presented which explained how lack of sleep is the culprit behind low cognitive development. Constantine Lyketsos, MD, of Johns Hopkins University said that results obtained from three studies using various methodologies helped them to frame the final outcome. He further added that it is quite unusual to come up with three studies done on the same topic to come up with the connection of loss of sleep with cognitive impairment and dementia.

Sleep holds a great importance in our life. When you sleep, you not only take rest but you give ample of time to your body and central nervous system to carry out the daily wear and tear work. Thousands of cells undergo renewal and the internal bodily processes take place. This is one of the reasons why a few of you get that morning glow after waking up. Some people are not really lucky as they get too little sleep and thus they wake up tired, exhausted and tend to remain as such for the rest of the day.

Loss of sleep due to any sort of sleep disorder has been linked with cognitive disability or impairment. Toddlers sleep a lot and that is why children, most of them, found to be doing very good in their academic. On the other hand, as we grow up, we get immersed in various activities and invites stress as a part of it. The result of lack of sleep which in turn wreaked havoc on the quality and quantity of sleep. Modafinil Online medicines can be given to such people. The drug is a wakefulness promoter and it helps you stay awake during the daytime. It aids in eliminating worries related to excessive daytime sleepiness. It is effective though, it has to be consumed under medical supervision to prevent any kind of unpleasant events such as the occurrence of severe side effects.


The relationship between sleep and cognitive enhancement goes hand in hand. Thus, when you start experiencing cognitive impairment warning signs such as lack of focus and irritability, you need to check whether you are getting proper slumber. If not, start rearranging your schedule to ensure you will be getting at least eight hours of sleep on a daily basis. 

  • : I am studying in the New York School of Medicines and also associated with other medical organizations and write for them.