5 Common Writing Mistakes

Five Common Mistakes Writers and Students Make Concerning Grammer and Punctuation When Using the English Langage.

Everyone is guilty of doing something wrong when it comes to the English language. It is even worse when you are a writer/author and you use grammar and punctuation on a daily basis. Here are 5 areas that many tend to forget about and need to be addressed in order to make your content more readable.

1) The use of quotation marks. Many of you, myself included, tend to use quotation marks to emphasize something. Instead, you should use italics. Italics emphasize the word or phrase without breaking this rule.The only time you use quotation mark is when you are quoting and/or citing someone via a source.

2) Some people mix up the who versus the that. The only time you should use the word that is when you are talking about an inanimate object. The rest of the time you need to use the word who.

3) Use the word there to describe a location. Use the word there as a possessive. When you are using the word they’re it is a contraction. Get rid of the contraction when it comes to technical writing. This is one piece of advice that can help you improve writing skills. It will also better your chances of getting promoted at work.

4) Many of us make the mistake of using a hyphen when we need to use a dash. A hyphen is used to connect two or more words into one. A dash is used to separate your thoughts. Following this tip will go a long way to better writing.

5) The comma issue is one of the biggest issues that writers face on a daily basis, myself included. Some of you use the comma too much. Some use the comma too little. You cannot connect two thoughts with a comma splice. You can use a semicolon to connect two independent thoughts. You can use a conjunction.

Comma Splice

Or commonly referred to as FANBOYS. This acronym stands for: for, and, nor, but, or, yet, and so. Use this acronym and you will have a better understanding of the use of comma splice and a conjunction.