Police radios failed during the Parkland shooting. The same thing happened a year earlier during another mass shooting.

Stephen Hobbs wrote:

The Broward County radio system that buckled under the crush of police officers connecting to its channels during the response to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School has now twice been overwhelmed amid mass shooting scenes, stoking miscommunication and confusion among police. When a gunman killed five travelers at Fort Lauderdale airport in January 2017 and again when a shooter killed 17 people in Parkland just over a year later, the failing system forced officers to at times ditch their radios, use hand signals and stay in groups to relay information to each other. The county’s radio system did not perform well in school buildings, the report found, creating a potential problem in the event of a shooting on a school campus. In addition to radio failures, officers on scene also faced problems because not all law enforcement agencies in Broward use the county’s radio system. That meant that police radios for Coral Springs and the Sheriff’s Office, the first two law enforcement agencies at Stoneman Douglas, had to be connected so officers from both agencies could communicate. …
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